Transferring an Account to your browser

Step by step guide
In Smash Store we are using GoLogin Browser for account management. GoLogin solves the problem of anonymity when working with many accounts and has various plans to choose from (By the way, we know that plans will be revised soon to make them more affordable).

In this article, we are introducing another cool feature called Account Sharing. With this feature we can seamlessly transfer your account from our GoLogin to yours. This is really simple and secure!

1 - Sign up
- Download the latest version GoLogin here and install.
- Create an account here
Tip: GoLogin has also web version in case you don't want to install it.

2 - Buy an Account
Account Sharing is available for those products with this icon:
For new customers:
- Choose a product that you want to buy on the website
- Click "Order Now" button
- Contact with sales team in any convenient way
- Complete the purchase and receive the product with instructions!

3 - Request for Sharing
- Contact with sales team
- Send us info about account that we need to transfer (email, phone number, MEGA-link)
- Send us email of your GoLogin account
- Wait for the confirmation and start using the account!

Tip: After the purchase we will be sharing all the details you need so that you always can login the account via email + password or cookies.

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