How to pass Advertising Restricted Access

(Don't be afraid of Non-Reinstated Accounts)
# 1 - How to pass Advertising Restricted Access

Advertising Restricted Access is one of the types of restrictions on Facebook. When the account is restricted it's not allowed to run ads. To make the account active again user needs to send ID Photo and successfully pass verification. Let's figure out how to do that:

1 - Open Account quality:
2 - Click Request Review
3 - On the next step Facebook will ask to confirm account through phone or email (not always asking)
4 - Add a phone number or email and get a code, then enter it into the form
5 - After successful confirmation, Facebook will ask you about ID photo:
  • Open this free service Docgen (translate a website in google chrome if needed)
  • Fill out the form according to your account information (example)
  • Upload ID photo to FB (sometimes you can't upload a photo from 1st try, in this case, you need to make a photo again and resend it)
  • Wait (5 min - 24 hours) and the account will be re-activated
PS: Sometimes you won't be able to get a code on your email or phone, because Facebook just won't send it. Unfortunately, we can't help in this case.
PS 2: We are not providing phone numbers, emails or photos.


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