How to avoid Advertising Restricted Access
* Для русскоговорящих клиентов просьба воспользоваться Google Translate

Solution (If you opened Ads Manager and get banned already)

1 - Open Account quality:
2 - Click Request review like here
3 - On the next step Facebook will ask to confirm account through Phone number or Email
4 - Add phone number or email and get a code, then enter it to the form
5 - After successful confirmation Facebook will ask you about ID photo:
  • Open this free service - Docgen (translate website in google chrome)
  • Fill out the form or leave it empty to get random data (sample)
  • Upload ID photo to Facebook (sometimes you can't upload photo from 1st try, in this case you need to make photo again and resend it)
  • Wait a bit (5 min - 24 hours) and account will be re-activated
PS: Sometimes you won't be able to get a code on your email or phone, because Facebook just won't send it. Unfortunately, we can't help in this case.
PS 2: We are not providing phone numbers, emails or photos. Please, use your own or find in Google.

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