New products: Ban Resisted Fan Page

New product added:

★ Ban Resisted Fan Page - $45

∙ Low ban chance (even if Ads Manager banned)
∙ Name changeable
∙ You'll be a single admin
∙ Delivery to your FB account within 1 day

How to get it?
1. Complete purchase on website or via sales team
2. Send us a link to your FB profile for sharing
3. Wait for delivery


Stock updates:

★ Unlimited Agency BM - $3000 (100 ad accounts created)

∙ We have received a lot of positive feedback from customers about this product, so we are adding it more.

∙ Agency BM shows itself perfectly when launching ads, we recommend it to large marketing teams and serious companies.
We understand that the price of this product is high, but this investment pays off and continues to work for a long time.

▸ For purchase: @fbsmash_support_bot
▸ Join us: @fbsmash_store