How to easily buy Crypto
using Bank Card

ZERO FEES - Smash Store takes care of all fees
MINIMUM AMOUNT $21 (only for BUSD)
Step 1 - Open

Step 2 - Fill out the form (example)
1. Enter amount in USD
2. Change cryptocurrency to BUSD
3. Enter address (BUSD: 0x93F0ED7b8c1808c9e49CF1A6C07ECbB9168b3a8E)
4. Agree with Terms of Service
5. Click "Buy"

Step 3 - Confirm your email
- Please check the "Promotions", "Social" and "Spam" folders of your email account if you can not find the code.

Step 4 - Complete payment (example)
1. Click "Choose payment method" => "Add new card"
2. Click on the payment button

Step 5 - Wait for the funds
- You may confirm to us the receipt of funds by this time. Done!