How to easily buy Crypto
using Bank Card

There are problems with some bank cards issued in the US. Bank cards of other countries work fine.
Step 1
Open Mercuryo:

Step 2
1. Change currency to USD
2. Change cryptocurrency to USDT (TRC-20)
3. Enter amount (minimum $25)
Step 3
1. Enter address USDT (TRC20): THC7TLwFooEnaJJn9skkvvAfcsXAkeH6VD
2. Continue
Step 4
Confirm email - Please check the «Promotions», «Social» and «Spam» folders of your email account if you can not find the code.

UPD: Do not enter email that is on screenshot, it's just an example :)
Step 5
1. Enter card information
2. Continue
Step 6
Send us a screenshot of the email you received after the payment


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