Complete Guide by Smash Store

This guide is only single way for our account's management. If you are not following this guide, we can't guarantee the replacements.

Step 1 - Browser
Forget about Google Chrome, need to use only specialized anti-detect browsers

ℹ️ Anti-detect profile will look like a new PC for Facebook

1) GoLogin - 3 free profiles, then $24/month if pay annually
2) Adspower - 2 free profiles, then $10/month
3) Incogniton - 10 free profiles, then $30/month
4) Morelogin - 2 free profiles, then $9/month (15% off)

Step 2 - Proxy
Highly recommend using Mobile or Residential proxies. Datacenter will work as well, but they have less trust-rate from Facebook

ℹ️ On residential and mobile proxies you can just buy 1 port and rotate it for all your FB accounts. On datacenter proxies you have to buy new proxy for each account.

Trusted Proxy Providers List:
1) Astroproxy - mobile, residential (USA, Bangladesh and more)
2) ProxyCheap - mobile, residential (USA, Bangladesh and more)
3) IPRoyal - mobile, residential (KYC Required)
4) Proxy6 - datacenter

Proxy's Interface Demonstration (Bangladesh as an example):
IPRoyal Youtube
Astroproxy Youtube
ProxyCheap Youtube

ℹ️ Some of our account are provided with a proxy. It's a free bonus. You can use these proxies as long as they are active. After that, you need to purchase your own.

Step 3 - Setup Proxy + Anti-detect
We'll show how to set up things on Adspower and Sphere, on other browsers you can use the same approach as our example.

1) Adspower + Proxy
2) Sphere Free + Proxy
3) Chrome + Proxy SwitchyOmega

Step 4 - Warming of accounts
Read these documents after purchase accordingly to your order:

How-to-use guide for Accounts
How-to-use guide for BMs
How-to-use guide for TikTok

Payment method
If you need to get a reliable payment method, you can use the Xcards service for issuing bank cards. Xcards have been tested with our products and approved by Smash Store team.

• 43 unique BINs
• Card issue FREE
• 5% commission on deposit
• Top-up balance with crypto
• Works with Facebook, Business Manager, and TikTok accounts

Step 5 - Results
The method described above should help you with your Facebook Ads issues. Bans, checkpoints, restricted advertising access - the number of cases should greatly decrease, but keep in mind that it's still not a 100% guarantee. No one can give it to you. Keep testing and you will find best way.

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