Complete Guide by Smash Store
Facebook is getting harder day by day, therefore your usual working methods are no longer relevant. We made this guide to help our customers handle work more efficiently. This guide is only single way for our account's management. If you are not following this guide, we can't guarantee the replacements.

Step 1 - Browser
Forget about Google Chrome, need to use only specialized anti-detect browsers

ℹ️ Anti-detect profile will look like a new PC for Facebook

1) Adspower - 5 free profiles, then 25$/month
2) Sphere Free - unlimited profiles, free forever
3) Incogniton - 10 free profiles, then 30$/month (Windows only)
4) Multilogin - no free profiles, 100$/month

Step 2 - Proxy
Highly recommend using Mobile or Residential proxies. Datacenter will work as well, but they have less trust-rate from Facebook

ℹ️ On residential and mobile proxies you can just buy 1 port and rotate it for all your FB accounts. On datacenter proxies you have to buy new proxy for each account.

Trusted Proxy Providers List:

1) Astroproxy - mobile, residential (USA, Bangladesh and more)
2) ProxyCheap - mobile, residential (USA, Bangladesh and more)
3) IPRoyal - mobile, residential (KYC Required)
4) Proxy6 - datacenter

Proxy's Interface Demonstration
(Bangladesh as an example):
IPRoyal Youtube
Astroproxy Youtube
ProxyCheap Youtube

Step 3 - Setup Proxy + Anti-detect
We'll show how to set up things on Adspower and Sphere, on other browsers you can use the same approach as our example.

1) Adspower + Proxy
2) Sphere Free + Proxy
3) Chrome + Proxy SwitchyOmega

Step 4 - Warming of accounts
Read these documents after purchase accordingly to your order:

How-to-use guide for Accounts
How-to-use guide for BMs

Step 5 - Results
The method described above should help you with your Facebook Ads issues. Bans, checkpoints, restricted advertising access - the number of cases should greatly decrease, but keep in mind that it's still not a 100% guarantee. No one can give it to you. Keep testing and you will find best way.

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