How to use guide for Business Manager
❗️Don't forget to REMOVE OLD ADMIN before linking of payment method and running first ad campaign. It's only customer's responsibility. Work in safe, like a pro.

link ; additional link (as a backup)
Example screenshot

Operation condition:
1) You have 1 day after purchase to activate your BM. After 1 day there is no guarantee.
2) If BM blocked after published ads it's not a reason for replacement.
3) You have to create new invitation for yourself as a backup (how to do check below)
4) You have to remove old admin from BM Settings (Users->People). This is only your responsobility. (If need to wait 7 days, ping us and we will go out from our side)

Basic recommendations for Accounts & BMs:
- Always use proxy (AstroProxy, ProxyCheap, Proxy6)
- Always use anti-detect browser (Adspower, Sphere, Multilogin)

How to use recommendations:
- To activate Business Manager open needed Facebook account, then open in browser tab one of the links provided to you. Enter your name, password and follow instructions
- Don't change any info inside the BM (name, email and so on)

How to create additional link for BM manually?
1) Open:
2) Follow instructions
3) Use your own email to get a link there

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you do not follow our recommendations, we do not guarantee that we will be able to replace your goods or return the money.

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