How to create Facebook King Accounts


No one-size-fits-all scheme for running ads on Facebook that is guaranteed to work for everyone exists. Even if you repeat the exact same scheme as another person, the results can be very different due to various factors such as proxies, bank cards, anti-detect browsers, working schemes, etc.

A good strategy is when everything is optimally set up for your case. This means your tools (such as bank cards, proxies, and country targeting) match the same geographic region. In addition, one Facebook account includes only 1 advertising campaign, 1 bank card, 1 Fan Page, 1 video ad, and so on.
You log in to the account once, run ads, and never go there again. - This is what an ideal scheme looks like.
However, these are only general guidelines, and the final settings should be unique to each case.

Here's an example of a bad ad launch:
- You have a USA Facebook Account.
- You access it using a proxy Europe
- The payment method you use is issued in the UK
- And you run ads targeting India

This looks strange and atypical for the average user.
Here's an example of a good launch:
✔︎ You have a Facebook Account USA.
✔︎ You log in to it using a USA proxy
✔︎ Your payment method is released in the USA
✔︎ Your ads are targeted to the USA

This launch example is more like a typical user's behavior.

We can't guarantee that it will work, but you must try because you need to find your own way of working.
Facebook is the one site, but it's different for all users. Keep testing, ask our support team for advice, and it will work out!
How to create Facebook King Accounts (short guide)

1. Sign in to any of your King Accounts

2. Copy the Facebook profile link from the browser tab

3. Open Light Account

4. Paste and go to the copied link

5. Send a friend invitation from Light to King Account

Sometimes, you can send an invitation differently, from your King account to Light. You will share the trust rate of King with your Light accounts using this method.
Over time, when you send too many friend requests, Facebook will block you from sending friend requests from a King account. Please keep this in mind.

6. Switch to King Account

7. Confirm the new friend's invitation

8. Switch to Light Account back

9. Open Personal Ad Account settings
Link is not clickable due to security reasons.

Share admin access of your Personal Ad Account to a King Account

11. Open King Account and launch an advertising campaign. Done!

Video instruction is also available on our Youtube channel

Working with King Accounts is not something new on Facebook, but this approach is currently working and showing good results.

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