How to use PH, BR, IN, UA Reinstated Accounts

This instruction applies to the following accounts:
Philippines Reinstated ✓
Brazil Reinstated ✓
Indonesia Reinstated ✓
Ukraine Reinstated ✓

❗️After purchase, make sure to change the password of Facebook Account and Email (Accounts from suppliers)
❗️Login to the account is strictly through: or (After successfully logging in, you can go to the full version of the site -

• Package: login, password, mail (hotmail)
• Ads Manager can be created on the account, use it to send appeals
• Phone number is not linked, please link it to your number
• All checkpoints can be easily passed

Proxy Recommendations:
AstroProxy (Targeted order: Residential)
ProxyCheap (Targeted order: Residential Proxy)
Proxy6 (Targeted order: IPv4 PROXY)

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