Helping businesses, entrepreneurs, marketers and bloggers to get social media accounts to reach their advertising goals.
Founded in 2020 by a team of marketers, our company offers social media accounts that will work well for any business.
What makes us different
  • 1
    Our specialists understand the market needs, and what the ideal product should look like, just because we use them daily in our work.
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    We have our own production and can design accounts with desired features and qualities.
  • 3
    We are constantly testing accounts and can provide decent quality products that will stay active for a long time, avoiding blocked account issues.
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    Due to Smash Store's expertise in Facebook Ads, the company always provide customers support and helps resolve difficulties with running ads.
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    You can also find support online, we often publish educational articles and videos on social media platforms.
Our mission
Our mission is in providing high-quality and reliable tools for online advertising, therefore our client only needs to focus on the creativity and campaign analytics.
We are absolutely confident in the quality of our goods and offer a long term replacement warranty, so you can buy accounts Facebook or buy TikTok account with confidence. Privacy is guaranteed – we do not disclose account details to third parties. After the purchase, access to the account is only granted to a buyer.
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