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Real accounts with history
and activity
Account is completely yours
Can log in from any country's IP address
Provided with 2FA codes
2016-2020 year of registration
Warranty and replacement within 5 days after purchase
No marketplace feature
Perfect for advertising!
Asia - 8$
USA (look like) - 8$
Germany (look like) - 8$
UK (look like) - 8$
Daily spend limit 250$
Business Manager ready to use
Two invitation links
Email verified
1 Ad account created (USD)
100% Active (Checking before delivery)
Highly recommend!
Daily spend limit 50$
Create up to 30 ad accounts
Company verified (USA or Europe)
Business Manager ready to use
Two invitation links
Email verified
100% Active (Checking before delivery)
Business Manager ready to use
Two invitation links
Email verified
1 Ad account created (USD)
100% Active (Checking before delivery)
Very strong and high quality
Account is completely yours
Many countries available (Ask seller about availability)
Remain active for several weeks
2021 year of registration
Warranty and replacement within 2 days after purchase
Minimum order 5 accounts

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Why Buy Our Facebook Accounts?

High Quality Service
Real & Active Accounts
100% Complete Profiles
Cheap Price Per Account
Instant Start
100% Safe
Full Privacy
Unlimited Accounts
Custom Order Quantity Accepted
24/7 Lifetime Support
And much more...


What is the warranty on the accounts?
- 5 days for Aged Accounts (Wrong password or Checkpoint)
- 2 days for Hand-Made Accounts (Wrong password or Checkpoint)
- 1 day for successful activation for Business Managers (If BM blocked before run ads)
How to order Facebook account or Business Manager?
Simply select the package you want to buy, then click on the ORDER NOW button, choose a convenient way to contact our team and send a message. We will help you make payment and then deliver your goods.
When will I receive the order?
If the accounts you have purchased are available in stock we will deliver it instantly or within few hours.
Can I choose AGE or GENDER and other requirements?
Unfortunately, no. Gender is random on accounts and all of them are created on 2014-2018.
Where the accounts were created?
The accounts are from mix countries: Asia, USA, UK, Germany. You can choose specific country account with our team.
What security do accounts have?
All accounts provided with 2FA codes. Once you login to the account don't change the settings. Facebook may suspect that you are trying to hack the account.
Do they have profile picture and profile info?
Our facebook accounts are complete in all respect. It would have a clear profile picture and all info filled as well.
Do I need to use Proxies?
If you have accessing multiple accounts from 1 IP (for example your home WiFi) then you must use separate clear proxy and new browser session for each account. We won't refund or replace if the accounts get disabled by client mistake.
How can I do new browser session?
- Use anti-detect browser (Multilogin, Indigo, Sphere - paid or free, Adspower, Incogtinon)
- Instead of anti-detect browser you can use just a new normal browser for each account (this method works only if you have from 1 to 5 Facebook accounts in total)
Will you send me a how-to-use guide?
Of course! Separate guides for the accounts and business managers. Also, we providing lifetime support for our customers.
How many accounts and business managers you have in stock?
We have unlimited stock of Accounts and Business Managers.
Discount for Bulk order?
Absolutely! Special rates for you, if you are buying more than 20. Get in touch with our sales team!
Is Smash Store looking for resellers?
Yes, just contact our team and we will give you best price! We are open for long-term Business!
Can I return accounts?
All sales are final. Once the accounts are delivered, you need to properly maintain the accounts. We are offering free replacement for 5 days for accounts and 1 day for business managers.
What are the Payment Methods available?
We are accepting Cryptocurrency, Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Webmoney, Yandex money, QIWI (PayPal not always available, ask seller first)
What if my account or business manager get banned for some reason?
In this case is no replacements, because it may get blocked because of your ad materials, which is out of our control.
Will I have Marketplace feature?
Unfortunately, no.
Do you offer free a sample Account?
Unfortunately, no.
Still have questions?

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