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  • Sander
    sa*****1@gma**.com | 7.03.23
    5 - Excellent
    Experience was very smooth and enjoyable, assets worked great. Definitely buying from them again in the future.
  • Vin
    vin*****e@gma**.com | 17.02.23
    5 - Excellent
    I gotta be honest. This was my first purchase of any fb asset & someone recommended me fbsmash. The support from the team was impeccable. Really appreciate you guys. It made the onboarding of assets so easy for a noob like me.
  • William
    bad*****1@gma**.com | 7.02.23
    4 - Great
    I want to give a complete no BS review on FB smash. When I first got their bms, it had no issues. Their products are decently priced and the payment method is somewhat okay to use. however, when I used their profiles on the other hand, it was difficult, the guides didn't provide much information which lead to my bought profiles to be temp restricted. The support team was terrible, they were really useless and just told me I was on my own to figure out the issue. They basically said "its your browser and proxy, goodbye!". I was going to leave and move back to my old facebook supplier but a few mins later, they referred me to a tech support named, Jony. Now Jony was beyond helpful, even apologize for the bs that the managers had to put me through. He was really helpful and gave me his name, when I can contact him etc.. Provided me a clear video on how to connect my profile in the future and set up everything for me. He was friendly and well responsive. *NOTE i spent only 1 hr and 45 mins arguing back and fourth over the same reason over and over again* but it only took Jony a few mins to figure out my issue. He didn't throw a garbage guide up my face and tried solving it himself. Not that I put all my problems on him, I was just really clueless and needed help. I love the price of the items, love the products itself, not satisfied with the guys who helped me prevously and made me have to go through hell 11:00pm-1:20am and props to Jony for keeping it short and helpful. Thank you so much!
  • Gati Saif
    Sai*****i@gma**.com | 28.09.22
    5 - Excellent
    Good quality
  • vr
    ver*****o@gma**.com | 2.06.22
    5 - Excellent
    An amazing service! Needed a marketplace account and they did the job for me! Thanks a lot:)
  • Syamil
    sya*****0@gma**.com | 18.06.22
    5 - Excellent
    My Facebook advertising problem solve with fb smash. Now no need to worry about account restricted again
  • Ayoub
    inj*****b@gma**.com | 2.06.22
    5 - Excellent
    Finally my struggling days with facebook are gone. Thank you for your awesome service, never been this satisfied
  • yordy villa daza
    yor*****4@gma**.com | 20.05.22
    5 - Excellent
    Thanks to this store my company is growing a lot. His accounts are of high quality and his recommendations are very good. Thank you.
  • hamdation
    mad*****i@out**.com | 15.04.22
    5 - Excellent
    Thank you so much, thanks to their instructions and help, working with Facebook has become easier!
  • Danny Zeidan
    zei*****2@gma**.com | 23.01.22
    5 - Excellent
    Thanks! Nice doing business with you, I'll do more soon. My commerce is doing great using your TikTok ad accounts
  • D Webb
    bra*****9@pro**.com | 19.10.21
    5 - Excellent
    Very usefull and trustworthy page for buying facebook accounts. On my experience only had good trades, 5 stars, no doubt.
  • Silvy
    mzw*****a@gma**.com | 05.10.21
    4 - Great
    There are definitely trustful sellers on this page, bought a lot of stuff already. A very helpful support is available on WhatsApp which is very nice.
  • Sue Ro
    ata*****s@gma**.com | 11.07.21
    5 - Excellent
    Business Managers good quality, working with the seller long time.
  • Arslan
    sol*****s@gma**.com | 18.04.21
    4 - Great
    We have problem but they fixed fast , thank you
  • Andy J.
    oun*****2@yah**.com | 08.03.21
    5 - Excellent
    Safe, trusted and professional agents will help you to complete your transaction successfully. Give them a try and I am sure you will be pleased with their service.
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