How to use guide for TikTok Accounts

In Smash Store, we sell TikTok Business Accounts created only for running ads.
● It doesn't look like a regular account - you can't watch videos, chat with users, or share reactions. This is a section of the main site created specifically to manage advertising campaigns.
● You do not need a regular TikTok Account to use a Business Account.

To sign in to your account after purchase, use this link:
>>> (not clickable)

❗️ But we do not recommend you to go directly to the link. For a secure login, open Google and enter "tiktok ads login" - the first link in the search results is what you need.

Time for checking the goods
We recommend you check the goods immediately after purchase or within 24 hours to get a replacement in case of problems.

Replacement warranty
● Wrong login or password
● Account suspended or penalized *
● Account deactivated *

❗️ Accounts cannot be replaced if you have already added a payment method or launched ads.

Best option for working with accounts is using non-detection browser: GoLogin, Adspower, Incogniton, Multilogin

● Always use mobile or residential proxy: AstroProxy, ProxyCheap, ProxySale

❗️ Proxy must be the same as the country of registration
❗️ Never use a VPN, Tor, IPv6 Proxy, Shared Proxy, or any data center proxy.

Payment method
If you need to get a reliable payment method, you can use the Xcards service for issuing bank cards. Xcards have been tested with our products and approved by Smash Store team.

• 43 unique BINs
• Card issue FREE
• 5% commission on deposit
• Top-up balance with crypto
• Works with Facebook, Business Manager, and TikTok accounts

Warming of account

◆ What actions need to be done in the account after purchase?
After logging into your account, it is better to leave it without action for 24 hours. During this time, TikTok will get used to your account. In our experience - it does not make sense to wait longer, 24 hours is enough.

◆ Should I run ads on white products first?
Sometimes webmasters promote products that go against the TikTok rules, so they run their first ad campaign on a 100% white product to show TikTok that webmaster has money and is ready to pay bills.
- Examples of white-hat products: baby strollers, pet food, and flower delivery.

As a result, running white ads is not mandatory but desirable. Spending $3-5 will be enough if you want to do it.

◆ Automatic or manual bid in the auction?
In 99% of cases, the manual bid is better. It is slower but cheaper. Set the bid and increase it daily until you get the number of leads you need.

TikTok has a semi-automatic moderation system. This means your ad is checked by a robot first, and then if the robot does not find any apparent violations of the rules, your ad is sent for manual moderation.

If TikTok rejected your ad immediately after publication, there are two reasons for that:

1. There are gross violations of TikTok advertising policy in the ad.
We're not going to go into detail about what ads should be like because a lot depends on your niche, products you're promoting, etc.
In this case, it isn't easy to give universal advice, but you can refer to the TikTok help center to learn the advertising policy.

2. The problem with the payment method.
To solve this problem, you need to experiment with different bank cards and find the one that works for you. Read more on our blog.
If you do not follow our recommendations, we do not guarantee that we will be able to replace your goods or return the money.
Why is TikTok banning my accounts?
1. Bad Proxy
The first most popular reason why your accounts are blocked.
TikTok checks the IP address from which you run ads very carefully. Especially the IP-address is checked when linking the payment method.

▸ We recommend using ONLY Mobile or Residential proxies.
AstroProxy is especially good at working with TikTok. In our blog you can find other proxies that we use in our work.

❗️ Proxies must be 100% the same as the country where the account is registered. You will know the country of registration after purchasing an account.
❗️ Never use a VPN, Tor, IPv6 Proxy, Shared Proxy, or any kind of data center proxy.

2. Bad Browser
The second most popular reason for blocking accounts.
It's no secret that big social networks like Facebook and TikTok spend huge budgets on developing anti-fraud systems.
If you log into multiple accounts from the same computer, you will be blocked very quickly because TikTok will always know it is the same person.

▸ Solution is to use anti-detect browsers. It's quick, easy, and effective. We recommend you to use GoLogin Browser because we personally use it to create accounts.

3. Bad Payment Method
If you have a problem, you need to test different payment methods and find the one that will work. Please read our blog to find more helpful articles on this topic. Here are some tips that may help you:
- Plastic card is always better than virtual card
- Credit card is always better than debit card
- Trusted bank is always better than e-wallet service

❗️ If you encounter immediate account blocking after launching an advertising campaign, in 9 out of 10 cases, the problem is with your payment method because you are blocked by the anti-fraud system, not the moderator.

4. Bad Video
Something in the video triggers moderation, and they ban you. In this case, good advice would be to read and follow TikTok's advertising policy because TikTok's current trend is a total cleansing of the site of inappropriate content, so your ads should always look crystal clear and snow-white.

5. Non-unique Video
If some patterns were detected by moderation, you would no longer be able to launch the same video. It would be best if you made the video unique. Here are some tips that may help you:
- Change the video footage
- Change the description to at least a few words
- Change the music on the video
- Change the profile picture
- Change the white page (in case you use it)
- Change the landing page or make minor changes to it

❕ If you promote Gambling products, then your site should have something remotely resembling a casino but not being one. For example, the Lottery.

6. Non-unique URLs
If your account was blocked, you always need to use a new domain on the next account. 1 Account = 1 Domain
If you use subdomains, then 1 Account = 1 Subdomain

❗️ Domain zone is not important. You can use any (.com, .io, .xyz, .net, .org, etc.)