New product: BM Instant $250 DSL

New product alert!
Introducing BM Instant $250 DSL:

∙ Facebook Business Manager package with BM only
∙ $250 limit starts on day 1 and never revokes
∙ If limit drops to $50, we'll replace the BM
∙ Ready to create 4 Ad Accounts instantly
∙ Each Ad Account will have $250 DSL
∙ Two invitation links included (2nd a backup link)
∙ Connect to an active Facebook account after purchase

❕2-day warranty in case of blocking or inactivity. Only before running ads or adding a payment method.

BM Instant $250 DSL gives you all you need to run effective Facebook ads. You'll get $250 DSL for each of 4 ad accounts created in this BM. Our guarantee to replace BM if limit drops to $50 gives you confidence.

Get your hands on this product now and take your business to the next level!