New product: Double King Facebook Account

Hey everyone, we have two updates to share with you

1. New article on our blog on how to create Facebook King Accounts

What's a King Account? - It's a more reliable and higher-quality Facebook account used for scaling advertising campaigns.
To create one, you need multiple Light Accounts to share access to it from their Ads Managers.
King Account helps you access your ad campaigns even if one of your accounts gets blocked.

• Read our new article on Blog.
• We have also prepared a tutorial video on Youtube.

2. New product in the store - Double King Reinstated Facebook Account

What's a Double King Account? It's two fully active accounts with maximum protection for your ad campaigns and three Light Accounts pre-installed.

• Buy Facebook King USA Account here
• Buy Facebook Light USA Account here

Here's what you'll get:
- 2 King Accounts - If one gets blocked, you still have the other. Both accounts are Reinstated (Verified).
- 3 Light Accounts have already been added to both King Accounts. If they get blocked, you can add new ones by following our guide.
- 1 Reinstated Fan Page with 1000+ followers - Page is Verified. It is linked to both King Accounts already.
- Proxy (for 15-30 days)

This product is suitable for those who:
- Frequently encounter Checkpoints and account blocking.
- Want to scale their advertising campaigns.
- Want to increase the reliability of their Facebook accounts.

Here's how King Accounts work:
1. Log into any King Account.
2. Link a payment method to one of the shared Light Accounts from King's interface.
3. Create an ad campaign with our Fan Page on the Light Account from King's interface.
4. Launch ads on Light Accounts using King's interface.

- You don't need to launch ads from King Ad Accounts; King Account is only used to manage Light Accounts.
- Don't open Light Accounts too much. All work should be done from King Accounts.
- If one of the Light Accounts gets blocked, you can add a new one to the King Account using our instructions.

► If you still have questions after how to work with Facebook King Accounts, you can contact us in Telegram.